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Learn to speak English (ESOL)

CALAT’s award-winning provision has been delivering courses to residents in the borough of Croydon and beyond for over 70 years.

Our exciting programme includes a wide variety of recreational, academic, pre-vocational and vocational courses. Subject areas include; Health & social care, creative arts, business administration, ICT, languages, English and maths, English for speakers of other languages, Childcare and education and courses for adults with learning disabilities.

We also work with businesses and employers to deliver training aimed at raising the skills level of employees and developing the workforce.

CALAT is The home of Adult Education in Croydon!

Resources for Learners

English Quiz
Maths Quiz
CV tips

I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of the course. The lessons are well paced and our tutor is brilliant, giving us space to explore our creativity with just the right amount of professional input when we need it.

Andrew , Photography

Would I recommend CALAT? Definitely. It’s a great place to learn, not only about the subject you are studying but about yourself and what you can achieve with a little effort and perseverance.

Amanda, English & Maths

I would recommend CALAT because the support I have received has been amazing and socially I have really come out of shell and I would recommend learning in later life as a way to keep your brain fit and healthy.

Mary, Computing & IT

CALAT is a lovely way to spend some of my time and has introduced me to a group of really interesting and diverse people.

John, Italian

I would definitely recommend CALAT as it is local and the lessons fit in with your way of life. (read more)

Nicola, Floristry Levels 1 & 2

Not only did the classes help reassure me but offered great ideas for home learning activities. (read more)

Sawsan, Family Learning

I’ve always loved learning and if you do too then CALAT is a great place to come. (read more)

Jesscia, ALDD and Study Programme

Learners make good progress on their courses and achieve very well. CALAT’s work is highly valued, both by the borough’s councillors and senior managers, and by Croydon’s residents.

Ofsted, 2016 Report

I’m no longer scared to learn and have learnt how I can make the most of every class I take part in, I know that anyone can succeed. (read more)

Ann , English Level 1

The support was really good with CALAT if you had any problems during your time with them and completing the course enabled me to have the confidence to apply for various administration vacancies. (read more)

Angel, Business and Administration Level 2

I loved the course, I used to look forward to going in for the classes which is not something I would have ever said when I was at school! The tutor was amazing and my classmates were a really fun group. (read more)

Liya, ICT and Computing

Having not studied for over 20 years, I felt somewhat apprehensive about the course but my tutor (who was also my assessor) was very supportive and really encouraged me. (read more)

Nikki, Childcare and Education

Mark, our tutor, really put me at ease and allowed me to express myself at my own pace, if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to see the course through to the end. (read more)

Karen, Arts and Crafts

CALAT has opened up language learning for me, and I love my Monday night classes! Merci beaucoup Alex et CALAT!. (read more)

Amanda, Languages