Fees guide

Fees guide 2018-06-27T14:47:27+01:00

Our fees are divided into four categories

This is the full fee for all courses.

This is a discounted fee for non-accredited courses only.

To qualify you must be:

Aged 19+ in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Age over 65 on 31.8.18 with an annual household income of less than £25,000.

Random checks on benefits declared will be made by CALAT staff

Please bring proof of benefit when you attend assessment appointments.

You may be eligible for free accredited courses if you are:

In receipt of Job Seekers Allowance (including those receiving National Insurance credits only); Employment and Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group only)

Unemployed OR work less than 16 hrs a week AND earn less than £338 a month and taking the course to help you enter employment, and in receipt of one of the following:

• Income Support, Housing Benefit,
Council Tax Benefit, Pensions Credit
(Guarantee credit or coupled with
Savings credit)

• Universal Credit in one of the following groups:

– All Work-Related Requirements Group
– Work Preparation Group
– Work-Focused Interview Group
– NEW entitlement for FREE tuition – accredited courses only. If you earn less than £15,736 annual gross salary and you are enrolling on the course to progress in work. Evidence required: Wage slip within 3 months of learning start date OR Current employment contract which states gross monthly / annual wage

Studying GCSE maths or English, if you do not have a grade at A*-C
• Studying adult basic skills (English & maths)
• 19-23 years old with no prior full Level 2 qualification on an Entry/Level 1 course (not ESOL)
• 19-23 years old first full Level 2 entitlement
• 19-23 years old first full Level 3 entitlement
(Random checks on benefits declared for online
enrolments will be made by CALAT staff/you will be
required to provide your National Insurance number
when you enrol.)

You will have to pay the Overseas fee if you have not been ordinarily resident in the UK or EU for 3 years preceding the start of your course or restrictions on your leave to remain. You cannot claim any concessionary fees or apply for Discretionary Learner Support Fund (Access Fund) on the Overseas fee.

If you have been an employee of Croydon Council for more than 3 months you may be eligible for a discount on some courses. Please enquire in person at CALAT centres

If you are under 19 (as at 31 August 2018) and wish to enrol on a non-accredited course you will be required to pay a fee higher than the full fee as we do not
receive funding for under 19yrs on non-accredited courses. If you wish to enrol on an accredited course you will need to speak to a curriculum manager as you will be required to enrol on a Study Programme which, if you are eligible will be fully funded and free of charge. Alternatively you can enrol on an accredited course with the agreement of the curriculum manager and pay a higher fee than the full fee.

Fees are currently correct but we reserve the right to change them at any time.