Get beach ready!

Get beach ready!

Looks nice doesn’t it?

Spain has recently been voted the most tourist friendly country in the world and for good reason! With amazing scenery and beaches, fantastic cultural and natural offerings as well as brilliant tourism infrastructure it continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations for those of us from the UK.

So, if Spain is where you are going this summer (and nearly one in 4 us will be), maybe it’s time to make the move from tourist to explorer and learn the language.

Imagine sitting in a gorgeous restaurant and ordering your meal (or at least the drinks) in Spanish, not only will you be super proud of yourself but the waiter will be really impressed as well.

Starting on May 3rd at Croydon Clocktower, CALAT is offering a 4 week ‘Holiday Spanish’ course taught by an experienced and passionate tutor who will immerse you in the Spanish culture and language to make that dream holiday even more amazing.

For full course details click here.

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