Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values 2017-04-18T10:27:04+01:00

We promise you that we will;

Provide a diverse range of high quality courses and initiatives which we develop in partnership with local communities, individuals and employers

Actively engage with individuals, employers, businesses and local communities to help them identify their needs and encourage their participation in learning in order to develop skills and to support individuals to gain employment.

Ensure that learning is inclusive and accessible to all.

Target learning for excluded and vulnerable groups and individuals and prioritise funded learning for those most in need.

Assess the individual needs of learners and tailor learning to meet those needs.

Give learners a voice and act on feedback ensuring that learners are satisfied with their experience and achieve their learning objectives.

Ensure that teaching and learning is of the highest quality.

Offer a curriculum that is adaptable and responsive to changing local and national needs, including employment needs.

Provide excellent customer service from courteous and helpful staff in welcoming and comfortable environments.

Develop learners’ skills and knowledge to support them into employment.