COVID-19 Update 2020

Dear Members,

We hope that you and your families are safe and well.

In line with the latest government advice we are continuing to take steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our members and staff team.

We will continue as best as we can to our support members through this period with their financial needs, however, please note that there will be some disruption to services and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Due to the Government Lockdown we are unable to accept members at the Access Croydon Desk and would ask that if you require URGENT assistance from a member of the team then to call us on the office number. 

Along with this, the following outreach sites will be suspended until further notice:

    • Merton Civic Centre
    • Sutton Civic Centre
    • Sutton Hill House
    • New Addington family Centre
    • New Addington Library (HUB)


Ways to contact us:

Online Services & Mobile App

Members are advised to register for online access

Once registered for online access you can then download our mobile app from your app or play store to self-manage accounts, review balances, make withdrawal requests and submit loan applications. (Paper application forms can be downloaded from our website).

Email – We will aim to respond to emails within 48hours

Office phones

The Office Telephone Number is 020 8760 5711. Phones will be answered for an extended time from 10am – 3pm weekdays (The Credit Union will remain closed on weekends).


However, we would encourage you if you are able to please try the Online Service / Mobile App option before calling as this will allow staff to better serve our more vulnerable members.

Apps can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play


Please continue to review our Twitter and Facebook Accounts and our website regularly, for further updates & changes to services.

Please look after yourselves and loved ones during this difficult time. This is a fast changing situation and if you have any queries or concerns, always refer to trusted sources for further information such as and 


We thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!


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