Support the campaign

Everyone can do something to support young people.

More young people live in Croydon than anywhere else in London. What young people choose to do can make a positive difference to Croydon – you can choose to be part of this as a supporter and partner.

In this short film, young people share why they are supporting the campaign.

Why the campaign is important?

Croydon has had an increasing number of knife crime incidents. While the vast majority of young people are not involved in youth violence, there are very real fears and challenges for some young people. This infographic shows you some of the facts and figures as of November 2017.

1 in 3 of the total population is under 25. More than 94,000 0-17 year olds and 28,800 18-24 year olds live here.

Young people are clearly the future of the borough and each one has the potential to make Croydon an even better place to be. They are also part of the solution to youth violence. Help us promote and celebrate the positive choices available to Croydon’s young people.

Give a young person a chance

Young people tell us they need a chance to become the employees and entrepreneurs that Croydon needs. And there are many opportunities ahead due to the £5.25bn regeneration of the town centre and the resulting growth in employment, training and apprenticeships.

Can your business or organisation offer volunteering, apprenticeships or paid work to young people in Croydon?

Can you offer career mentoring such as speaking at school careers events?

Register now with to get information, guidance and support to help young people into the world of work. In this short film, young people say what they would ask local businesses and organisations to do.

Be a responsible trader

Have you signed up to our responsible trader agreement yet? you can read more about the government’s policy on knife sales at also see the Good Employer Charter for Croydon businesses.

Raise the alarm

If you’re a concerned about the safety of a young person you know, see for support and information.


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